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    VPro version 10 on a Dell Windows 7 64bit Won't Provision

    MrGadget Expert

      I'm running Landesk 9.6 SP2.


      I have a Dell E5550 Laptop with 64bit windows 7, it's the first vpro version 10 that we have.

      I've installed the Intel Management Engine software for it and in the Intel Management and Security Status software it shows under the Extended System the MEI,LMS etc versions but has Intel AMT Status shows as not configured. Also under the Network Information it shows as  the IP.


      In the Landesk console when I right click and choose setup and configure vpro I can view the Processes on the computer and AMTCONFIG nor SCSdiscovery run.

      Running AMTCONFIG.exe manually on the machine runs but does not Provision.


      Other computers that are running 64bit windows 7 with vpro 9 or below work fine.

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          MrGadget Expert

          I'm going out on a limb here and say Landesk is not compatible with Version 10 of AMT.


          This is what I had to do:

          1: Go into the MEBX bios and set my Password then click on Configure Network access. This allows the Intel Management System tray popup window to show the vpro as configured and the IP shows correctly.

          Go out of the MEBX.

          2. Run amtconfig.exe from the Program files (x86)\llandesk\ldclient folder. The first time it may set up as Non-tls the second time you run it it Sets up as TLS.

          3. Run a Full inventory scan and Landesk should show as Post Provisioned.


          The Right Click in the Landesk console for Setup and Configure Vpro never works. (Monitor the Processes on the computer and AMTCONF never shows up)

          Also all of the other Right click Vpro settings never unGray.