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    Creating a custom report based on a custom group within Security and Patch manager?



      The concept:



      Every month I am given Microsoft Patches that need to be patched within a certain time period. Easy enough, but what I would like is to be able to print a report to a webpage that my boss can view to see how many of our machines are patched.



      Within Groups>Custom Groups in Security and pAtch manager I have created a group Named Security Response>Month/Year  So the month/year being the currnt patches that need to be applied to comply with Corp.



      If I right click on this group (after having added the Vulnerabilites) and click view a s areport I get a great report that shows ID Severity detected, etc..... THAT is the report I would love to create as a query or use as a whole. If I export the report, I get HTML, but not a dynamic report as I would like. Since I can't click on properties and reverse engineer it to suit my tastes I figure I need to creat my own, but it sure feels like reinventing the wheel since the code is SOMEWHERE, I am too ignorant to know where.



      I hope this makes sense. In the meantime I will continue to search the forums to find the answer