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    Schedule Bulk Update on System/User Foreign Key Constraint Error


      Anyone know how to get around this problem?


      I am trying to set up a daily scheduled bulk update to set an attribute added to the System/User Record called Current Network. Running the bulk update interactively runs successfully but running as a scheduled task every update fails with


      The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "fkey$tps_user$userpw".

      The conflict occurred in database "LANDESKDEV", table "dbo.tps_password", column "tps_guid".

      The statement has been terminated.


      The query is declared as a system query available to everyone with this definition


      Running the bulk action interactively works fine



      The definition of the schedule within Bulk Update Management is:



      The user added attribute on System/User Record called Current Network has the following Properties

      which maps to the inbuilt attribute System/Company