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    Software Distribution Problems


      i am having trouble getting LANDesk to push out software installations. the main thing i want to install is an endpoint backup software. before getting advanced and pushing out something important like that. i tried to push something simple. i used the website ninite.com to put together a small list of free software. i can use the accompanying .exe to update software if necessary. i tried to tell landesk to push the software to my computer, but i did not get any good results. i tested two (2) computers. one failed, and the other remains active even after a long period of time. the failed computer shows that it added/updated the package, but the package did not install.


      i saw that the package was loaded on the target computer, so i made an attempt to create/run a batch file associated with the desired packages. i used the same method for software distribution, but i never saw any of the packages show up in the task manager while trying to force an installation. what method should i be using.


      this image is the initial setup of the distribution package(s)




      this image is the results of the failed installation


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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          What are the switches of the distribution package? Have you tried running the package manually on a machine to see if pop-ups occur using the silent switches or if it needs a different account like domain admins instead of the system account that LANDESK uses?

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            there is only one switch to install in silent mode "/silent".


            yes i have run it manually in normal and silent mode. i see the process in my task manager when i run manually, so i assumed that i should have still seen the process even though another computer is installing it.


            i changed the user account to the service account that is configured as a domain admin instead of using the regular system account associated with LANDesk

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              JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

              Can you post your batch file for the install?

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                JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                Also are these multiple installs? Do they run as a bundle?

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                  for the endpoint backup, there is only one file that needs to run. there is nothing else bundled with it. if i manually run the batch file by itself, there is no problem, but landesk is supposed to be able to help us transparently get things done... right now that is not happening.


                  this is the text from the batch file version of the endpoint backup. i am able to see the location where the file is copied/stored. i can manually run the batch file based on knowing that the file is in that specific location. i just can't get landesk to run the original installer, or the batch file to get it done




                  cd \

                  cd "program files"

                  cd landesk

                  cd ldclient

                  cd sdmcache

                  cd landesk

                  cd files

                  cd packages

                  cd "endpoint backup"

                  start veeameb.exe /silent



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                    JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                    Trying running this as your bat:


                    @ECHO ON
                    set CWD=%~d0%~p0
                    CD %CWD%

                    ECHO Endpoint Backup
                    veeameb.exe /silent
                    ECHO %ERRORLEVEL%
                    sdclient.exe /msg=EndpointBackup_ERRORLEVEL_is_%ERRORLEVEL%
                    EXIT /B %ERRORLEVEL%


                    Be sure to add veeameb.exe as an additional file in the distribution package and if you update the current package be sure to right-click and Reset the hash.

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                      i made small victories today. i used a totally separate batch file that just opened up windows explorer. that was successful. i tested it more than once, and it worked every time. although it did take a long time to run on the third try. i tried to delete the scheduled task, but because there was an operation in place, i could not. suddenly, the task went through. so i decided to change my original batch file by running the file from the current location of the batch file, which should have been in the same folder as the exe. it could still be running in the background, but i personally think that it should not take this long.


                      i will try your suggestion also. that way i have another avenue. thank you for your support.

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                        one side note that i did not realize at the time was that we are using LDMS 9.6 and the computers we were initially trying to remote connect to were using LDMS 9.5 settings. for whatever reason, 9.5 would not allow us to use the 9.6 server's settings to initiate remote control sessions. now that i realize what is happening, any time that i get a login prompt that doesn't automatically have my info and i cannot remote connect, i immediately know that 9.5 is on the machine.