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    Deep Freeze Server


      we have a deep freeze server that had old antivirus. i wanted to update the server with landesk/kaspersky av. deep freeze console on the server no longer functioned properly. we can no longer freeze/thaw lab computers from the DF Server. everything shows up as an unknown device and no actions can be taken when clicking a device.


      does landesk conflict with deep freeze? do i need to rebuild my deep freeze server?

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          I'm not aware of any conflicts that are specific to LANDESK/Kaspersky AV and Deep Freeze Server. Perhaps there are some exceptions or rules that need to be applied, which are likely the same across AV vendors. I didn't find any information about configuring AV on the Deep Freeze Console. You might try disabling AV or checking with Faronics? Good luck!