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    application virtualization


      Need steps for application virtualization V8.8 SP1 i will highly appreciate if screenshots is available








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          Henk Hillaert Employee





          Could you explain in more detail what you need to know: how to virtualize an application with LANDesk Application Vritualization, or building a software package for this type of app?









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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Take a look at this. Gives you an overview of the process.






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                 First of all Landesk application virtualization docs says "you need one clean and one desktop machine" from where to Run that Application virtualization software ???



              second i want to distribute the firefox MSI how to do that if i follow the Documents it fails and error...



              i am using same old software distribution method to do that ... whats the name of LANDesk application virtualization software


































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                Henk Hillaert Employee

                A clean machine should be a machine with an OS on. DOT, nothing more, no LANDesk agent, no AV! Preferably you take the OS that is the oldest in the organization if multiple versions are in use. The Virtualization software should be installed on a server and made available through a share. The more you put on the machine that you use, the more chance that DLL's or other files are not marked as required for the installation.


                After you have checked the files that are selected during the capture process you need to test the EXE or MSI whether there are files that remain unwanted.Also make sure the app really works. Personally I copy the EXE or MSI to another clean machine and run it by double clicking.


                Assuming all worked well in the previous step I would create a software distribution package of the type: ‘New Virtualized Application package' if the output of your capturing is an EXE.  If the output is an MSI, you need to select the type: ‘New MSI package'






                Hope this helps,




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                  ahe Expert


                  Hello Buggs,



                  did you read the document from Tracy?



                  LANDesk Application Virtualization Quick Start







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                    MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


                    Buggs, you really need to read the manuals and only then start posting the questions.  When you do post, please try to include some information on what you have actually tried, and if there is an error please detail it.  At the moment, you are posting open questions with very little chance for people to give meaningful help.  This is not a replacement for training and can't give you the level of support you are expecting with the level of detail you are providing.




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                      Thanks for the Reply