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    After Virtualization : Console Initialization Error: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException


      Hi Community,


      We are currently in version 9.0 SP3 on Windows 2088 R2 and we have to migrate to 9.6 ...


      to test the migration, we virtualized the server with VMWare Converter.


      I quit the physical server to start the virtual server instead.

      The database (SQL 2008 R2) is a good start and I can connect to it with SQL SRV Management Studio ... but can not connect to it, I get the following error:


      "Erreur d'initialisation de la console : System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Le serveur n'a pas pu traiter la demande. ---> LANDesk.ManagementSuite.Database.DatabaseException: Not connected to the database.  Use LanDeskDatabase.Open to connect.

         à LANDesk.ManagementSuite.MBSDK.MBSDK.GetRights(Boolean clearCache)

         --- Fin de la trace de la pile d'exception interne ---."

      (see attachment 1).


      I wanted to start the activation server to see, but I have a new database read error message (see attachment 2).


      Note that I have not started the migration, for the moment I just virtualize the server ...: - /


      Any ideas ??