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    Adding assignments based on collection objects?

    NickBrown Apprentice

      Recently we have pushed new functionality out in our Incident processes. We call this "Misrouted Incident" the intent of this functionality is two things - 1) this action will Add Assignment to an Incident to a new group 2) it allows us to gather data as to why the incident was assigned to the wrong group. Essentially we use Add Assignment to reassign Incident tickets and we use this when the ticket doesn't belong to the group. The way it works, Misrouted Incident is a collection object on the Incident Object, with some basic attributes, Group and Analyst attributes added. An Assignment object pulls the Group/Analyst from this and reassigns the Incident ticket.


      The routine works perfect 1 x per each Incident ticket. Any additional time the process will pull the first Group/Analyst. It will do the Add Assignment routine, just always pulls the first instance of the collection.


      Is there a way I can fix this to always pull the latest instance of the collection on it's Add Assignment so that an Incident ticket could be 'Misrouted' N times and only route to the last entry? Thanks!