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    Disconnecting Telnet CE Web Emulation session and reconnecting again would display blank screen


      Problem: When disconnecting Web emulation session and trying to reconnect it, it would show blank white screen forever.






      When I start TelnetCE for first time and run host profile with web emulation it displays "Unlicensed Version" screen for brief time

      and then successfully connects to my web application. The issue occurs when I disconnect the emulation session and try to reconnect

      and try to reconnect again to web emulation session again, the screen becomes white forever where it should display "Unlicensed  Version"

      and at this point I cannot do anything except to kill TelnetCE program from Task Manager.


      Device Specifications:


      TelnetCE Versions: 7.0.94, 7.3.237

      Scanner: MC9190

      OS: Windows CE, Windows Mobile