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    Is it possible to restrict Data Analytics web forms?


      So I have been asked by my management to setup the web forms on Data Analytics so that only a couple of people have access to the form that "checks items into Inventory" and then have other only see or have access to a web form that changes the Status in DA to In Build or Deployed.  This is mostly to prevent human error, so that the individuals can only make change to Status that apply to their job tasks.  Anybody have any ideas or experience with type of setup (or is it even possible)?


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          MHO Apprentice

          Hi mseymour,
          it is not possible to restrict DA-Webforms for different Users in kind of functionality.
          All actions will have full rights to the database.
          The only way to restrict different Webforms with different functionality is to use it with an seperate Web page including rights management. (sharepoint for example).

          But if you like to provide some features (like SW-Deployment, OS Provisionig, or simply manage informations like costcenter, location and much more) to unskilled guys...
          Have a look to this: https://community.landesk.com/support/community/integrated-products/five9s-console

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            What he said.


            I have a Barcode Web Group page for the Field Techs including the Barcode Web Forms for the Tasks they need to update.  I have a second Barcode Web Group page for myself as HAM including all of the various Web Forms I've created and Tasks that I oversee personally.  As forms get updated or added they can then be included on the Technician's page when appropriate.


            Yes, if the Techs were to start digging and find the link to my Admin page they would have access to the additional functions but for right now this division works.  Maybe when SharePoint gets implemented here we can make those arrangements a little more secure.