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    .NET Application - Connect client through Gateway Appliance to non-LANDesk server

    Foxtrek_64 Rookie

      The title is fairly descriptive of what I'm trying to accomplish, but I shall elaborate....


      In our environment, our clients are off-site and off-network, forcing the devices to connect to the LANDesk core through the LANDesk Gateway Appliance. I am writing a C# application which will be pushed out to said client devices that needs to connect through the LANDesk Gateway Appliance to access another server on our network. My reason for doing this is two-fold: first, the information on this server that the clients need to access is sensitive information that I'd rather not open up to the internet with just a username and password protecting it. Secondly, this method of accessing our intranet securely and with authentication is already in place and therefore does not require me to find and implement a new method of connecting to internal servers and verifying the identity of the device that is connecting.


      So, in essence, I am attempting to use the Gateway Appliance as a VPN tunnel to access a server on the same VLAN as the LANDesk Core. Assuming this is possible, I would like to know this:


      1. What APIs will I need to reference?
      2. What traffic is allowed through the Gateway (telnet, http, etc.)?
      3. How do I authenticate with the Gateway using the certificate that is already in place?
      4. What are some best practices for implementing communication with the Gateway?


      Thanks for your help guys!