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    Changing object behaviour after save


      Hi all, I know it is possible to change an object behaviour after it has been saved by applying updates in the database. I have used it before and it works but offcourse it is unsupported and undocumented. Does anyone have it laying around? I seem to have misplaced it. Best regards

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          I have found the script.

          Use first in TEST and remember not supported, not documented. It is something I use, not created by Landesk.

          So, if you have created an object and forgot to set it as a reference list. This script works fine for me.


          1. update md_class_type set md_behaviour = 8 where md_name = 'yourobjectname'

          2. iisreset and test


          This query is based on this article: https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-19233


          Good luck.

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            jasoncadman Expert



            Sorry to post on an old thread but, although I can get this to work, I still can't get the features of the reference list to appear in window designer. I think that this is because it's still actually a category as well as a reference list now. Items like the COnfigurable Properties (Web Access) Display Name and Attribute Template/complex list etc


            Can I remove the category behavior and just leave the reference list. Hopefully this will re-instate the window properties that I need