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    Schedule Task - Repeat every X - Next start deleyed by execution time


      (System: Windows Server 2012 x64, LANDesk Management Suite




      unfortunately I have some problems with the "Scheduled tasks". We are using plenty of this task on daily and weekly base.

      Since August '15 I noticed a strange behaviour, the mails of our daily scheduled reports arrived every day a little bit later.

      So I checked the settings of the scheduled task. As presumed, the start time has changed. After some observations, I realised, that the next start time is calculated from the current start time plus execution time of the task (e.q. Start Time: 08:00:00, Execution time: 30sec, Repeat every: day --> 1st day start: 08:00:00 --> 2nd day start: 08:00:30 --> 3rd day start: 08:01:00 --> and so on).


      I can't remember, that I change any configuration on this section. Has someone else the same behaviour and/or a idea how to correct this?


      Thanks in advance!