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    Office 2016 deployment : unexpected reboot and always failure status



      This is my first post about LDMS 9.6 SP2, which i (try to) use since 4 months only.


      I want to automate Office 2016 ProPlus deployment on Windows 7 targets so i followed instruction on Landesk KB (article about office 2013) to create a silent package with OPO.


      I encounter 2 issues :

      - some target PC (not all) reboot at the end of the installation without Landesk reboot message. This is unacceptable because users will be cut in their work.

      - On Landesk console, the status of the install task is "Failure" with the result "unknown state" / 1641


      (when the PC does not reboot, the return status is OK)


      So I cannot automate ant check deployments with those problems.


      How can i improve my deployment tasks ?