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    Reboot Settings in Managed Script

    fatherree Apprentice

      I previously used managed scripts for several simple file copies and permissions changes. I was able to incorporate a Reboot using the Scan and Repair settings of 9.5.

      With 9.6 SP2 I am now having a problem trying to call the reboot settings since they are now independent of the Agent Behavior.


      Here is an example of how the use of reboot in Scan and Repair settings for a Managed Script was called:

      REMEXEC11=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\Vulscan.exe<qt/> /rebootIfNeeded /AgentBehavior=LANDESKX_vXXXX /maintEnable=false , STATUS


      Not exactly sure how to call the Reboot Settings themselves now...

      Any help is always appreciated.