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    Intermec Handhelds showing incorrect Model Name in the Mobile Device Inventory in the Avalanche Console


      Here's a little background for us here.  We currently utilize Intermec CK3 and CK3R handhelds.  Each model has different software profiles applied to it.  In Avalanche, CK3s should show up as 'ITCCK3' and CK3Rs should show up as 'ITCCK3R', but I'm seeing both models show up as 'ITCITC' quite often when performing a factory reset on the units.  I found a registry key with the offending model number in it within the handheld itself @ HKLM\Software\Wavelink\Avalanche\State in the key called ModelName.  When changing that key it from ITCITC to the correct model, removing that handheld from the Avalanche console, and manually performing an update on the handheld, it appears to repopulate in my inventory under the correct model number.


      My question is this - how is that registry key getting set wrong in the first place?  Where does it sound like this bug is?  Is it in the handheld?  Avalanche Enabler settings?  Any info would be much appreciated!




      More info:

      I'm using Avalanche SE 

      Handhelds are running a mix of Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5.