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    Add new tab to incident

    DrNelson Apprentice

      I have technicians that would like to be able to see a customer's request history when they are also in an incident. When looking at an incident there is a tab "By User Filter" which shows all incidents by the raise user. Is there any way to add another tab so that while in incidents they can see a history of request made by the raise user?

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          Darren.Bradshaw Specialist

          Yes, we have done this on the call domain, which displays the previous incidents and request for the raise user.


          I created a system filter based in process management with the criteria:


          Raise User Is Equal to Raise User (Runtime value) and

          Class Type.Title Is Not Equal To Call (Absolute Value) - we did not want to display what was created in the call domain as we use this for triage, and is replicated to either Incident or Request domain.


          Then on the window add a query control then set this to your filter above.

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            DrNelson Apprentice

            Thank you so much! Worked like a charm.