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    Out Of Compliance


      Hi ,

      I need to create a full report of machines that are Out Of Compliance in Security and Patch manager compliance group. I'd like to have an itemized report of each vulnerability that each pc is missing from the compliance group.  ?




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          timtamtoolips SupportEmployee

          Hi Ibrahem,

          Looking in the Reports - Standard Reports - Security - Vulnerabilities, I see Detected Vulnerabilities by custom group which allows you to report based on groups in patch and compliance. Does this report meet what you are after? If no, can you provide more specifics on what you are looking for?

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            Look at the Security Compliance by device report under Standard-->Security-->Compliance.


            This will generate based on parameters (scope, device, group, query, etc) and give an itemized listing of patches missing from the Compliance group under Patch and Compliance.