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    OSD/ImageW v2 - Unable to deploy image using multicast - "Insert media with file..."






      I'm having a huge problem  trying to restore an image.



      Here's the current situation:



      1. Scheduled a multicast OSD script.



      2. Two laptops to be imaged booted into Managed WinPE.



      3. When starting the task, the image begins to copy down - no problem.



      4. When it gets to the line below, it completely chokes:


      REMEXEC28=h:\imaging\2.0\imagew.exe /r /o /d:0 /f:"\dell_v1.TBI"


      I get the following message on the WinPE:


      "Insert media with file \dell_v1.TBI"


      Now that line, to me says: here's where to find the image file: \dell_v1.TBI



      Why can't it find it? I messed around while the laptop was still in WinPE and i found that a drive G: now exists. Running a DIR shows me that the image has been copied there. So I tried messing with the script like so:


      REMEXEC28=h:\imaging\2.0\imagew.exe /r /o /d:0 /f:"G:\dell_v1.TBI"


      Running it that way results in the following error:


      "Unable to obtain a lock on drive G:\"


      The drives there, the file is there.. I can see it.



      Anyone have any idea what is going on here?