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    Issue deploying software with provisioning template


      I'm in the process of deploying multiple distribution packages to workstations and I need a way to make sure they were all installed even though there are multiple reboots during the process. I found this document describing how to use the provisioning template to deploy, How to deploy multiple Software Distribution packages at one time and in a specific order using Provisioning.  This appears to be exactly what I need in order to complete my task.  However, the problem I'm having is that the first task will start but after the computer reboots the provisioning agent opens back up but does not continue to the next step.  I'm able to deploy each of these distribution packages without any issue to the workstations.  I don't receive any error messages and would need some assistance in finding any log files that may be available.  I've let this task sit and run for 8+ hours when it has moved onto the 2nd step.  I've included a screen shot as to what I'm seeing on the client desktop, hoping someone has an answer for me.  I'm not deploying any operating systems, I just need to deploy the software installations.  Also I'm using Policy-supported Push along with just a standard Push as my deployment method.  I'm currently running Management Suite