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    How are you doing your physical inventory?



      I am new and still struggling with Data Analytics and the bar code web forms. We have what I feel is a crude patched together with duct tape and chewing gum web form. I feel that there has to be a better way. How was physical inventory done before DA was an option?  We have a requirement to keep track of everything including non-network devices. Attached peripherals, TV's, Monitors, Radios, Desktop Phones, Cell Phones, Tools, ...Paper, Pencils. basically everything in out department.  We also have yearly audits that we need to create detailed reports of Location, Asset Tag, Model, & Serial Number.


      DA support has been less than helpful they are only break/fix and push professional services. Professional Services is not an option for us at this point. I need a solution ASAP.


      Basically I'm just wondering how others are handling this. I'm sure we are not the only ones with this requirement. Are you using DA or some other solution?  How do you handle moves? Our users have been known to move equipment them selves with out reporting this to us.


      Any help, opinions, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advanced

      Jeremy Mello

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          Should I give up on Data Analytics and look into ALM/LPM LANDESK Asset Lifecycle and Process Manager?

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            jdaugherty Apprentice

            When you say physical inventory, do you mean physically seeing every device to confirm the LANDesk inventory, or do you mean an electronic inventory of all physical devices?

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              I mean physical inventory of all IS controlled or purchased assets including non network devices. Monitors, Desktop Printers, CB radios, Cell Phones, Desktop PBX Phones, Credit Card swipe devices, Barcode scanners, all peripherals attached to a computer. Basically anything the has a value of $150 needs to be asset tagged and accounted for.


              LDMS managed devices are not an issue. Also I am doing some SNMP scanning for network switches and WMI scanning for POS non managed devices.


              Another challenge is the moving of assets Monitors in particular. Our users are notorious for moving stuff around without tell us.  That results in an inaccurate inventory and a negative result from our internal auditors.

              Also when machines and/or monitors are replaced updating the inventory records.


              The previous system we had allowed technicians to drag and drop various assets from one location to another tying it to a location and user.


              Basically we are trying to get to some form of a usable ad reportable IT Asset Management system.


              I know Data Analytics is a new product being integrated into LDMS and I see the potential.  I just don't know if it is still in development and not quite there yet.  Very limited documentation on DA and no BKM that I can find. I guess I am just wondering if what we have so far is the most efficient way of accomplishing our task. I am just looking for examples and some direction of how others are using it or are they still using ALM/LPM.


              Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


              Thank you

              Jeremy Mello

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                In my opinion, DA is a great tool for importing and combining data from multiple sources into a single source. This gives the ability to generate reports based on manufactures' data (like warranty end dates) or leasing information.

                This is great for fleet management and lifecycle planning.


                However, it is NOT an inventory management tool as far as giving staff an easy ability to enter and report on the following information:

                "Where is this piece of equipment? Who has it? Is it in service? Has it been returned?"


                For this, I think you (and we) really need:

                IT Asset Management Suite | LANDESK


                Intelligent hardware device management

                Automatically maintain spare parts inventory thresholds, track refresh, warranty details, lease and contractual information, and track any asset, including non-IT asset with a unique identifier, i.e. barcode, along with recall data.


                We ran into the same trap. Frankly, Landesk resellers should just point blank say "DA is for back end inventory data management. ITAMS is for front end data entry and day to day use." Instead, we spend a bunch of money on Professional Services that resulted in an unusable half completed result that was poorly shoehorned onto DA that we've since dropped use of. We spent a lot of money on this that would have been better spent on an ITAMS implementation.


                DA does what it does well, but don't make the mistake of trying to push more functionality onto it than was designed.



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                  Thank you for your reply and that is exactly what I was thinking. I'm glad we did not spend the $$$ on professional services for DA. If I were you I would ask for ITAMS as a sorry for misleading you on the usability of this product.


                  Now what to do in my case. Request ITAMS purchase from my management and take my beating hoping that it approved. Then start all over with setup of a new system and inventory all of what we have done so far scraping all that work and time spend trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. Grrr.


                  Thank you again Brendan very good information and I agree that this is basically false advertisement on the sales side.

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                    I think "False Advertising" is a bit harsh, I think that most resellers are just unclear on what DA does well. DA is a deep product, but it does not handle "process" at all, and I think that's the important distinction to make here. I also think that at the time we went through this, I don't think there was another viable option at the time.




                    If you're working with an physical inventory system that is based on a yearly or quarterly true up, with no real-time data requirements. DA will happily import and manipulate that data that you have.

                    DA handles Software Licensing amazingly well, as long as you keep your SLM definitions up to date (but that's a conversation for another topic).

                    DA can sort out and resolve when you buy two batches of desktops that came from different factories with different names for the same model of PC (I'm looking at YOU Hewlett Packard).

                    DA can manage support contract information with automated reports for upcoming expiries.


                    I think that DA is still a required piece for physical asset management, it's just not the piece you need for detailed real-time active "where is my stuff that doesn't have a Landesk client" kind of asset management.

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                      Well I guess I should have posted this question here. Announcing IT Asset Management Suite 2016 Download



                      So ITAM has finally been released but no download in site????  Am I missing something???


                      Access LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite 2016

                      Individuals can access the newest IT Asset Management Suite software via the download area on the Community from April 14.