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    Wrong NIC address in the inventory (virtual adapter instead of Ethernet adapter)

    RBC Apprentice

      Hello everyone.


      I have found in some managed devices an issue when switching from the Ethernet adapter to the Wireless adapter. All devices share in common that they have hypervisor software installed like VMware Workstation or Oracle's Virtual Box. This software installs it's own virtual adapters for comunicating the virtual machines and when scanned, these virtual adapters appear in the inventory in the "Network" along the Ethernet and Wireless adapters of the physical device.


      In the image below, this machine has installed both VMware Workstation and Oracle Virtual Box software. When the Ethernet card is used, the assigned IP address and its functionning is correct but the NIC address doesn't belong to the Ethernet adapter (I attach the network inventory for the device with the nic address for each scanned adapter) :


      Network settings.PNG


      But when I switch to the Wireless adapter (the Atheros Wireless Adapter) the inventory changes reflect the right NIC address :


      Network settings.PNG

      If I select again the Ethernet adapter it still shows the wrong NIC.


      I have checked the network adapter order (Network and bindings tab) in the physical computer and it is configured correctly:


      1 -> Ethernet adapter

      2 -> Wireless

      3 -> VirtualBox

      4 -> VMware VMNet1

      5 -> VMware VMNet8



      Has anyone experienced these issue with the network adapters or it's something that needs to be configured in the physical machines before they are scanned?



      Thanks in advance.