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    Update agent configuration to advance agent

    RBC Apprentice



      I have read on Landesk Agent Deployment Landing Page that self contained executable agents are unable to get updates once they are compiled and installed but I don't have clear if this happens in the same way for advance agents.


      Appart from that, would it be possible to install the advance agent manually on a specific device instead of scheduling an advance agent deployment from the console?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup



          The advance agent is just a way of downloading and deploying the self-contained executable so it has no extra update capabilities.


          As it is an MSI even admin users would not be able to use the advance agent to manually install as it installs services and that is normally blocked. To run it manually you would need to start an elevated command promt (cmd - run as administrator) then use the msiexec /i command to launch the advance agent MSI.


          If you update your system and the agent files are updated then you would have to recreate your advance agent MSI as this would also recreate its associated EXE. Each advance agent MSI will only download and execute the EXE for which it was built. If the EXE has changed then the checksums will not match.


          As patches are released, they often have associated patch content available in LANDESK's own Patch & Compliance section that can be used to send updates.


          Hope this helps.


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