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    Report entire Inventory of Single Device


      I've been asked by our department if there is a why to create a custom report that would repot the entire inventory of a single device.  I know that there are several "Inventory" reports within "Standard Reports" in LDMS 8.7 SP5, but there doesn't seem to be one that easily displays all inventoried data for a single device.  Is such a report possible?

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          zman Master

          When you indicate entire inventory I'm assuming you are referring to Hardware and Software? There is not a canned report, and if you tried to do it via query and use select columns that would be one hell of a query.  I always cringe when I hear everything. Maybe ask them what is important to them from a reporting standpoint. Does a department really need to know Kernel Driver Names?

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


            Agreed with zman.  This sounds like a request from someone that doesn't understand just how much data is in LANDesk.  Imagine how much paper would be used if the full software list and vulnerability list was printed out!



            I suggest you give them what they want so that they realise that it isn't what they need and start being more specific.  Ask your LANDesk support guy for a copy of unscanw.exe.  This is a utility that extracts a LANDesk inventory record into a scan file that can be pened in notepad.  It isn't pretty but it is legible.  I'm pretty certain they will then complain that it's too much for them and then you can get their real requirements.







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              Thakns for the feedback guys.