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    Converting to Incident doesn't copy information from original form


      Hi all,


      So in our system we have two modules Incident and Request. These have been set up to separate tickets in incidents (something was working and is now broken) and requests (requesting access, software or information etc)

      Among these two modules we have a process to convert Incident to request and vice versa in case something is logged in the wrong queue and need to be converted.

      These two processed are working


      We have begun implementation of the Social media package into LANDesk late 2015 and now have it 90% ready for testing. Chat is now working, after altering the initial provided instructions for Oracle Databases rather than Microsoft SQL.

      However there is a function to convert a Web Conversation (Chat) into an incident.


      Convert Process.png

      This process works about 50%. Clicking the "Convert to Incident" function takes us to the "Create Incident" window where we place a reason why this needs to be escalated/needs further investigation. Then the "Log Incident" automatic action instance takes the chat conversation and converts it to Incident using the following value types:


      Convert Window.png


      However after running the converstion automatic action instance, the form comes through with the "RaiseUser" in the username field and the hard set settings such as Source, Impact, Urgency etc.

      However the Description, Summary and Analyst Description which should have the information from the Chat Window copied over, comes out blank.


      I have followed LANDesk's provided instructions and these have not worked. I have even tried replicating the process we used for the Incident to Request and Request to Incident conversion, but the same issue keeps occuring. The information from the Web Converstation does not copy through.

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          If anyone has a similar issue, the cause of my predicament in this instance was the "Create Incident" action in the above process.

          I needed to change this to the "Raise Incident" Action and this appears to link through with most of the information.


          However I cannot seem to get the "Chat History", which is a field full of HTML from the web conversation to copy over into the Analyst Description on my form.

          Any ideas on how to link the HTML and string data?