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    Can we have multiple process updated through same Mailbox?

    harjapgrewal Rookie

      We will be implementing Change Management soon. Initial plan is to have 2 different change processes, Standard and Emergency. If we have 2 different processes, will they need to have 2 different mailboxes to update each type of change through email?? Also to send for outbound notifications? Can they both be updated through one mailbox created for change requests?


      Or is it recommended to have Standard and Emergency changes addressed through same process to achieve above issue of multiple mailboxes to remember? Anybody who can help recommend best practice or their experience or implementation would be great!



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          Personally I'd keep away from mail as a way of approving or rejecting within Change. Push people to the portal and let them see the actions. That would also take care of whether standard or emergency changes should be 1 or two processes. I've had instances where customers users have worked out the magic string to approve something in an email and thus *may* have bent the rules.


          However that probably isn't the sort of advice you were looking for!


          If the two process are very similar, I'd keep them as 1 to save maintaining two.  if they are very different, then 2 is also fine, but you'll need to put into both actions that allow people to change their mind about what sort of change this is.  That is a bit easier to do if it is the one process.


          One mailbox is fine as each change will have a different reference, LANDESK will be able to track updates if you *really* want to do that via mail manager as long as the common string you use to flag something as an update is the same across all processes.

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            harjapgrewal Rookie

            Thanks for more insight! I prefer having 1 mailbox for all different types of changes not only for having approvals done via email, but also email Notifications out to analysts for updates/tasks etc if multiple analysts are working on one change. Also then we can have different ref number for each change. Do not want analysts to remember multiple change emails for updating records.


            On other hand this really complicates process to be built for multiple types of changes.


            Landesk should really address this issue. Probably, each outgoing email should have watermark for process/record it is generated from and update replies based on that watermark. This should allow one mailbox for multiple processes.