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    LANDesk 9.6 logging options


      We have an issue here with Windows 7 computers freezing - apparently as vulscan is "unloading registry hives". It is so consistent in the logs that there can be no doubt there is some relationship, but the logs were so limited it is impossible to determine the process that is loading, scanning and unloading the registry hives, what exactly it is doing and why. I have enabled verbose logging options as per the LANDesk document, but quite honestly I cannot tell if the information I might need is being logged, because for some bizarre reason LANDesk "tidies up" its log files and the vulscan.log file just contains a "summary" of some kind and not the data which is logged during the scan. The effect of this is that you have only a limited window of time to retrieve the vulscan log after the frozen computer is restarted, or you lose the relevant information.


      Is there a way to prevent this behaviour in LANDesk?

      Perhaps these logs are being uploaded to the core server, but it seems very unusual behaviour to me that a product sanitises its logs and it does hinder troubleshooting.