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    Help with Read only field permissions.

    CAGreen Apprentice

      Hello, we are currently using Landesk Console version 7.5.0.  The issue that I'm having is within the Window Designer under the module SYSTEM  object SUPPLIER I want to set the permissions on the ADDRESS & PHONE fields so that it can be edited, at the moment once an entry is made the fields become grayed out and I can no longer edit, I have checked the Properties for each field, protection level is read / write toward the bottom the read only properties appear as MainContactAddress & MainContactPhone.  Appreciate any help on this.

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          Weird - just to make sure you are using the window you expect, I'd change the group box to be something you recognise like SUPPLER, open up a supplier and make sure that window appears.  If the attribute is read write and still doesn't let you edit, make sure you login as SA so you are not being hit by any privilege issues.  Then do an iisreset to see if that akes it go away.  Failing all that, other brains will no doubt make a contribution or you could contact your local support team

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            John Stuart-Robson Employee

            Hi there,


            I think the fields you are trying to edit are not from the supplier object.  On the Supplier window is a Contact/Main Contact attribute, the Address and Phone fields are related attributes from the Contact attribute.


            I would suggest you create new attributes at the Group level for Address and Phone.


            Hope that helps.



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