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    Need help identifying cause of "Critical Alert" icon in LD Console

    SpencerTC Apprentice

      Running: LANDESK Management Suite version

      Please bear with me, as I'm still learning:LANDesk. Quick background: I work at a college IT Department, and recently, we've been deploying new PCs with LANDesk preinstalled/configured on them. Once they're set up and established, the LD client on their end connects to my core server. We've been doing this rollout process for about two weeks now, but just today I went back into LD looking for these new machines. Several of the ones we've just put in show all the healthy icons for my device in the console, but there are several that actually display the Critical Alert icon in the upper left corner of the device (Red circle with a white exclamation point in the middle). I cross referenced that description and came across this document from the LANDesk community (What do those icons in the console mean?) to determine what the icon meant. However, I don't know the cause of this status icon, and I don't even know where to begin.

      When I installed the LANDesk agent on our golden image to be deployed across all new machines, I followed the instructions that had me scrub the UniqueID from the registry as well as removing the folder from Program Data. So unless I followed an outdated set of instructions, I should have done everything right.

      My question is how can I determine what is activating that flag, and how can I remedy the (as of now unknown) issue?

      Thank you.

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Spencer,


          a short description to clarify, where this icons come from.

          Open you agent configuration and navigate to the point "Standard LANDESK Agent" - "Alerting". If you left it default, there should be a selected rule "LDMS Default ruleset". Close your agent configuration  and open the "Alerting" section under "Configuration". There you should see the LDMS default ruleset and if you select it, you see the rules that are active. You can modify them but I would leave the default as it is.

          to check where the critical warning come from you can right click the device and choose "Real-time inventory and monitoriong". Now a web page opens and you see on the left side the actual Status of the machine which is normally green. Then you can go down to the "Logs" - "Alert logs" and you see the history of the alert of this special device. If you choose a critical event, you can acknowledge it and after a few seconds the critical alert should disappear in the console.

          To acknowledge alerts globally, choose the "Logs" section under "Reporting/Monitoring" and search for critical, mark them, right click them and choose "acknowledge alert".



          Hope it helps.


          Kind regards