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    Provisioning template return codes


      'm in the process of deploying software using a provisioning template to make sure all of the software is installed in the appropriate order.  I was able to get return codes added for the individual package installations and when I run these software deployments outside of the provisioning template I get the return codes and result exactly how I want to see it.  Unfortunately though that does not transfer over to the provisioning history when I go to see which packages fail and why they failed.  I'm giving a completely different internal status than what the return code should be.  The internal status is giving me a return code that is out of the range that I can add for these software deployments.  I've included a screen shot of what I see. I need to know if I can create custom results within the Provisioning History in order to troubleshoot the issues easier.  Also I should mention I'm running LMS 9.5.

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             Unfortunately there is not a method to modify how the return codes are handled in Provisioning. However in LDMS 9.5 we had introduced the Package Bundle feature, although your reboot makes it a bit trickier in that version (You might end up with a reboot between each package). Package Bundles can be set to install software in a specific order, and as of LDMS 2016 you can add reboots in between packages as well (Carrot for the upgrade). If you were to use Package Bundles it would handle the return codes as it does with regular distribution tasks.

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            This is no longer valid as we've already done our deployment and ended up having to break them all down into individual task sequences which was a huge pain.  We're now in the process of getting LMS 2016 setup and it appears as though this version has the ability to do what we were wanting to do.