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    ConfigHandler.exe:Problem with lddwnld, possibly too old.


      Hello LANdesk Community,


      My organization recently upgraded to LDMS 9.6 SP2 and we're running into an issue while imaging with provisioning.


      When "Configure Agent" starts, it instantly fails. The following is from ConfigHandler.log:


      2016-01-29 20:41:53(1224-2968) ConfigHandler.exe:Doing install of self contained agent.

      2016-01-29 20:41:53(1224-2968) ConfigHandler.exe:Agent Path: \\<CORENAME>\ldlogon\ISB_Normal_962.exe

      2016-01-29 20:41:53(1224-2968) ConfigHandler.exe:Attempting self contained agent install.

      2016-01-29 20:41:53(1224-2968) ConfigHandler.exe:Checking for local version of \

      2016-01-29 20:41:53(1224-2968) ConfigHandler.exe:Problem with lddwnld, possibly too old. Aborting download.


      (I edited out the corename).


      Has anyone had this issue?


      Thanks in advance!