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    Client-Side updates aren't allowing users to defer reboots

    SpencerTC Apprentice

      Semi-crisis here. Our institute has just implemented LANDesk into our faculty & staff offices, and every Friday, when our LD client is scheduled to perform updates & maintenance, users are typically supposed to get notified of pending updates/reboot requests to their machines. However, despite my reboot settings allowing users to defer updates up to four hours, users are being forced to click "reboot now" with no other options available. They can't close the window, nor can they work in the background (according to reports I received).


      Currently, my Distribution and Patch settings are configured to begin updates Friday at 1 AM, with a defer time up to four hours. These are the stipulations given to me by our department manager. If I were to take a guess, the update/reboot process starts at 1am, but not all the machines will be on at this point. So when users come in on Friday at 7 am, they've already surpassed the allotted defer time and they're forced to reboot. This is only a hypothesis.


      If I changed the defer time to, let's say, 14-16 hours, that would theoretically give them the time to see the reboot prompt as well as the "snooze" prompt, right? We've had several of our high end executives fall victim to a force reboot during the middle of their spreadsheet entries, and it has been reflecting bad on us, as well as their perceptions on LANDesk.


      To any of you who might know, do you have any suggestions?


      (Using LANDESK Management Suite V.