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    HII Not fit for purpose


      OK, well and truly fed up.


      LANDesk HII....It's never worked properly since 9.0SP3. Can we please have the old pre-9.0SP3 driver management back?


      I don't want LANDesk to pick the best available driver for me. I want to tell it what driver to use. Yes I know I can manually assign drivers , but seriously,each hardware device one by one!


      As it stands no build I test will ever stay "tested" because as soon as I update the driver library for a new model , LANDesk can use those drivers as it deems them more appropriate......NO WRONG, use the damn drivers I uploaded as recommended by the manufacturer. it cant be too difficult to say "for this model, go to this folder for the drivers". What is the point of downloading driver packs for models and LANdesk only using 1 or 2 drivers from that driver pack?


      What's the 1st thing any troubleshooting guides says to do....Ensure all device drivers are updated as per the manufacturers recommendations. Well I cant do that because LANDesk doesn't use the drivers I downloaded for that model, grrrrrrrrrr


      Thank god for Windows 10.....now I wont have to image a machine ever again and have to use the abysmal HII driver injection ever again


      I am so frustrated I will now be revering back to USB "full fat" builds for individual models. They may take longer to prepare but at least I do it once and it will work 100% of the time.


      Bye Bye LANDesk. Can't say it's been a pleasure