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    Remote Control Disconnecting VMware View connections

    Jon Miller Apprentice

      Nothing severely important, but I was wondering if anyone has had this issue in their virtual environment as well. We are running LDMS 9.6 SP2, vSphere 5.5 and the virtual machines have the latest VMware tools and agent (3.5.2) installed. The LD agent includes all components except AV and EPS - it does include the mirror driver. When I remote control using HTML, shortly after connecting to the session, the user's session is locked and they must log back in. If I use the built in console remote control application, I don't seem to get this much if at all. I am inquiring because I thought I had heard at one point LD was moving away from the console remote control and more towards the HTML version and if that is the case, this might become a larger issue..... I could be wrong. Again, this isn't critical, merely an inquiry. Thanks!