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    Self Service Portal Landing Page

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi all


      Pulling my hair out at the moment looking a Service catalogue for End Users within Landesk. We have various customers who have a requirement to utilise the portal to log calls, Track Calls etc.. i.e Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Housing Organisations, externals etc...


      We have been using a portal for Corporate end users for about 2 years now so have a default Home page  (Screenshot below) and they are comfortable in using it.


      This works fine with endusers able to Log faults with minimal details and this call is then triaged. When it comes to the Raise requests we have over 300 items published in our Catalogues for each customer but their has been a lot of discussion with newer customers in that they don't want to try and locate the Service Item through a huge catalogue could they not log a request in the same way as a fault.


      So my Question would be is it possible to have different Home page in the portal for different End User groups i A primary School user gets a different Home page to a Corporate End user which we would be able to modify to suit different customers needs. For the life of me I cannot find a way


      Any Help would be greatly appreciated we are currently using Landesk 7.8.1