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    Change software scan frequency

    RBC Apprentice

      Hello everyone.


      I have some doubts about the way software scan works.

      I guess that the software scan frequency is set up by default to one day, that is run from the Coreserver following that schedule and that it is independent from the rests of the hardware scans that are scheduled in the device.

      1. What would happen if by some reason the software scan information is not processed by the coreserver (transmission error, user is offline, etc)? Would it be lost the information of this day and I would have to wait for the next scheduled date for a new software scan (without using a manual full sync scan through the console)?

      2. Is there any way to reduce this frequency to less than a day? I have found that there is in the Scheduled Tasks toolbar an option to schedule an inventory scan:

      2016-02-05 09_00_27-LANDESK® Management Console.png

      If I schedule these inventory scans to a frequency of my choice, would they include a software scan?


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          I think it's not the core server triggers inventory (unless a console user or task requested) but the agent itself.
          If the machine is offline, the scan will be done at the next reboot and not a day +1 (maybe with a random time)


          No way from the console or agent to reduce this frequency to less than a day (Attention software scan takes longer than hardware scan).

          I think schedule an inventory scan, inventory hardware and software, you can easily confirm =)

          I hope someone will confirm my words

          Sorry for the translation

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            Dave Johnston Apprentice

            You should be able to change the frequency of the Inventory Scan (Software scan) in the Inventory settings - under agent settings.  In your Inventory settings, if you select schedule from the left hand side and then click the change settings button, you can modify the schedule/frequency of the software scan to whatever you like.  You can even have it repeat after x number of minutes if you prefer.  However, this begs the question, why do you want the inventory scan to run more than once a day?