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    change agent settings in provisioning

    CKuhl Apprentice

      Hello Guys,


      is it possible to change the used agent settings (Distribution and Reboot) in the provisioning?

      In this case i just want to deploy 3-5 software packages.

      I did not found an option when scheduled or in the provisioning templates it self.

      As packages i am currently using powershell. I know that when i schedule the deployment of

      a distribution package, i can configure Dist a. Reboot Settings. So i find it odd that i can´t

      find an option in the provisioning (exluding the Agent deployment). I guess that i am doing something

      wrong but searching for it on google and this website revealed nothing.


      Best Regards



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          No you're not doing anything wrong. I assume you first deploy your agent (or have the agent in your image) with Distribution and Reboot settings that you don't want to use during Provisioning. That means you first use the Configure Agent action and than the Change Agent Settings action, do your Software Distribution and Change Agent Settings back to your agent default.


          Or Configure your agent with the settings you want to use in Provisioning and use Change Agent Settings after SWD to change them to what you really want.



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            CKuhl Apprentice

            Hello Frank,


            thank you for the fast response. Quite the oposite is the case.

            I have installed my computer with the provisioning and it´s working just fine.

            At this point the regular agent (AV+RC) is installed with the normal client configuration.

            Now i want to deploy additional software. Some of our software installations are in an provisioning template,

            because it consists of several software packages. Now for example i have a provisioning template with software i want to

            install, but for this template the user schould not get a message or notification.


            With "Configure your agent with the settings" do you mean the provisioning action? I thought that this actions does a complete installation of the client.


            Thank you very much



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              Hi Carsten,


              You may want to create a "provisioning" agent with the settings required during the provisioning process. Create a query that lists all devices with the "provisioning" agent. Then create a "Change Settings" task that applies the standard / productions setting and target the query. Then schedule that "Change Settings" task to rerun every hour or two. This automates the update of any provisioning agents with the production settings. As long as you can incur that > hour of time waiting for that task to rerun, this solution works fine. You can always manually kick off the task if you need immediate results.



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                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                Hi Carsten,


                i was referencing MAC Software Distribution through Landesk Provisioning


                As Trevor said, you need to change your agent settings.


                Please note that LDMS2016 has more options for the system configuration phase of Provisioning!



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                  CKuhl Apprentice



                  Hm ok that means i can´t change the settings  in the template.

                  I feared that this might be the case. Then i will use another method.

                  LDMS 2016 sure sounds interesting. I think i will take a look at it.


                  Thank you Guys :-)