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    Software Distribution Package Bundle - Handling Restarts - Help

    meltdowner Apprentice

      I have two packages that need to be installed in unison using portal manager.  The user will initiate the installation.


      • One package needs to be run as System
      • One package needs to be run as Current User


      I need the machine to restart at the very end of the installation AND report that once the restart has been initiated... the task succeeds.


      Currently, the system is rebooting after the first package is installed and that's no good.  That first package, the one which runs as system, reports that a restart is needed after installation is completed but will not automatically restart.  Landesk is now prompting the user to restart after that package.  When the computer boots back up, the second package wont run as current user because the user does not always log right back in.


      Anyone have any pieces of advice on this?  Is there a way to script a reboot and report back a successful installation?  If so I could add that to the of the second package installation.  LDMS 9.6 SP2