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    Uninstall core server's agent

    RBC Apprentice

      Hello everbody.


      I have checked the following document regarding the uninstallation options for Landesk agent (How to uninstall the Ivanti / LANDESK Agent for Windows ) but I can't see if there are specific options when uninstalling an agent that is installed in the core server itself.


      Are there other options, switches or procedures for this scenario or I can uninstall it using the options covered by the document above (except using the /FORCECLEAN switch)?




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          When removing the agent from a core, you need to leave the common base agent in tact. The command line switch for this using uninstallwinclient is "/NODELCBA". (Minus the quotes)


          This will remove the agent but leave the common base agent (and the rest of the LDMS installation) in a working state.

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