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    Timeout when downloading patches

    Aaron-FS Rookie

      Hi all,


      Quite new to LANDESK and we are in the process of setting up the Patching & Security suite of it.


      I have a question regarding the download of patches, usually from Microsoft - and via a company Proxy.


      Quite a few of our patches fail with the below errors:    

      Connection to http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/C/2/3C2E1343-99F0-4C45-A51F-CBE71D1DC1FD/msoloc2010-kb2553310-fullfile-x64-glb.exe failed. The operation has timed out


      Connection to http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/3/9/3396A3CA-BFE8-4C9B-83D3-CADAE72C17BE/NDP40-KB2600211-x86-x64.exe failed. The operation has timed out




      Pasting the URL into IE usually works although it does take a while for the download popup prompt to appear, so I was wondering;


      Is there a setting somewhere which we can edit which allows LANDESK to wait longer downloading the patches before timing out? as I am quite happy for it to wait up to 15minutes for a patch response before moving onto the next.


      Thanks for any help.

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          timtamtoolips SupportEmployee

          Hi Aaron,

          There's not a way I'm seeing to extend a timeout for how long LDMS waits before timing out on this area. If the patches are taking a while to initiate a connection and download when done through a browser, that's likely what LDMS is running into. A work around if it's only a small # of patches is to manually download them via a browser and put them in the patch repository, at which point LDMS will have access to them for patch repair jobs.

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            Aaron-FS Rookie

            Hi, thank you for your input.


            I have been meaning to update this thread as issue is resolved.


            We needed full access via our Proxy as opposed to whitelist as we go access which was previously setup.  I don't manage the proxy so don't know how it is configured.


            But in a nutshell it was an issue with our own Proxy and now I am able to download most patches.


            What is still an issue is the "skipping manual" patch download, and I seem to have problems when deploying batches of patches to multiple machines at once and half get stuck - but this is another issue and I am looking for some Patching Best practises to try and get a better understanding of what's best suited to our environment.