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    Can someone at LANDesk clarify Email CC Functionality (4 points)

    DanJones Apprentice

      Can someone at LANDesk please clarify the following points for me regarding email CC functionality,

      Once CC has been setup following the guide, do the following points work (yes/no answer is fine)


      1. Inbound CC functionality upon Ticket CREATION - are users who are CC'd on an email to the helpdesk supposed to be added as a CC recipient on a ticket? - is this possible?

      2. Inbound CC functionality upon Ticket UPDATE - when a ticket is updated via email with people added in CC to the mail, are they then added to the CC collection on the ticket? - is this possible?


      3. My understanding is all people who you require to be in CC on a ticket have to be added via the portal? - correct?

      4. Once added via the portal they will be included in all outbound emails of the tickets to which they have been added in CC?


      This will help me clear up a debate in our organisation.


      Thank you for your assistance!