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    Portal Setup




           I am try to figure out why our schedule task are not showing up in the portal. I have set my schedule task to display in the portal, and have users allowed to run as desired. I have also set the metadata set for the packages that are linked to the schedule task that we want the public to use. I looked at are agent setting and it has been set to install portal manager on every client with are custom branding. The only two items i had in portal manage setting was applications and general. In the application i added to show Launch Pad and History, am i missing something here? There is not a lot of setting in general, beside where i want the portal manager and how i want it to open. Can some one point me in the right direction as to why these are not showing up? The only other item i can think of is some kinda of security group / policy, because we do sync AD accounts.


      Let me know if there is any information you need.

      Thank you.


      Alec Moeller

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          How are you targeting the clients? Via Query, Scope, LDAP Query, LDAP Object, directly?

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            LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

            Also, when Portal Manager is open, are you doing a refresh? How often are the clients running a policy sync?

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              I figure it out, I was not targeting the devices that we wanted to test the portal on. We are now trying to figure out how to target and query security groups from AD, so everyone's portal is set up for there needs. I will have to build a structure on paper to figure how i want to laid out. One thing we are try to figure out is how to control queries base on the user and base if the user has already installed that software on another machine. In other word to controlled licences software we have at the company, you have any idea how to use custom data and make that happen?

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                The refresh data is another item we are adding to the portal, but we are adding as a Application built in to the portal. Because we are see the device is not updating quick enough base on what user is logged in. So we are making an app that goes on the left side of the portal that will call valscan /scan=4. We may need add something more to it, but for right that is all we think we need to let the core know that the specified user has logged in on this machine. The only item we did see not get working with it, is the query does not auto update when the database at the core got update from the scan. So we are trying to figure that out too, so it can speed up how long it will take form someones portal to update on a machine after they login.

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                  JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                  Do you have a inventory scan setup to run when a user logs in? That's what triggers the core to get the AD security groups for the logged in users. Also, what do you have the scheduled task setup as reoccurring rate for it to update and deploy via portal and do you have it set as policy or policy supported push?

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                    I am looking into the inventory scan at login, from what i found it is that the valscan is what updates the custom data. We try a inventory scan on a test machine and some data did update in the console, but it still show the old user as logged in. As soon as we did a valscan /scan = 4 (limits the scan to custom data only and not patches) it updated the user in the console. I am 100% sure it not on our login scripts to run, but i am going to check to make it not somewhere else before i state anything more on that. We just could not get the task or query to auto update when the data got changed in the console / database. Which turn the user does not see the custom items in there portal if they move machines or login to a new machine ("HelpDesk").  For the schedule task setup, we have it set as policy-supported push. I am not sure what setting you are talking about for "setup as reoccurring rate". I know we have the task as start now on all, so as soon as we add query on a device to it, it will auto start and try to load the item in the portal. Do you think you could show me a screen shot of the setting you are talking about?


                    Sorry if i am confusing anyone, we are just trying make this process as smooth flowing as possible. It just seem like we are getting stuck, because we can not get query or task to update when there is new data in the database. Let me state it does update after like 6 hours, but that does not work if we are trying to make this portal streamline. I knew how to do all of this in SCCM, but i am just hitting road blocks here.


                    Thank you all for all your help so far.

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                      JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                      Sounds like you need to check your inventory scan settings:


                      Tools > Configuration > Agent settings > Inventory settings


                      Use the Schedule page to configure when the inventory scanner runs.

                      • When user logs in: Runs the inventory scanner when the user logs into the managed device.
                      • lMax random delay: Specifies a time range during which the task may run. This delay
                      • When IP address changes (mini scan only): The IP address trigger only sends a mini scan to
                      • Change settings: Changes settings and configures a custom schedule based on time, day of


                      If you have it set when a user logs in then it should update the LANDESK db inventory and your query that is based on that AD group should update and then when the user goes to the Portal is should update the agent policy.


                      Here is a doc that might help as well for logs and such:

                      How to troubleshoot when a package is not shown in the Ivanti End User Workspace (portal manager)

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                        This is something i would like to set, but one person that has access to agent settings will not change it. Feels it will put to much stress on the core / database.