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    Report Templates

    mkemper75 Rookie



      I have some problems with changing the templates for reports. I already replaced the master files located in the reporting folder on the core. The report preview is now showing the companies logo. When I double click on a report the old Landesk logo still shows on the created pdf.

      I am out of ideas right now. I even deleted the Landesk logo out of every of those three Landesk master templates.




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          Walker Rookie

          I am seeing the same thing. This seems to be a bug.

          I changed the LANDesk ReportHeaderImage to my Company image in the Portrait and Landscape Report templates in LDMS96sp2.

          I tried using .jpg and .png images in the templates. The reports that run and display in portrait format display my image in the header. The reports that display in landscape format display the LANDesk image in the header. The Embedded image header properties are identical for both the Portrait and Landscape templates, yet the landscape reports still display the LANDesk image in the header.

          In summary the reports that display in "Portrait" work and display my company header, the Reports that display in "Landscape" don't work and always display the default LANDesk header.