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    Help - Survey Responses via Email

    noel.lester Employee



      We are trying to alter/improve the way we get users to fill out and submit survey responses. We have an internally facing Service Desk, so it cannot be accessed externally, unless the user is VPN'd in, nor is it accessible via mobile device.


      Is what we are hoping we can achieve, is an email is sent to the user, with 5 different levels or smiley face, where they can click and it updates the survey on that ticket.


      At the moment, the closes I have this working is when the mail goes out from SD after closure, it includes 5 mailto: links, that email back to a mailbox that SD monitors with an update, to then add a note to the relevant incident with the body of the email, which is the survey score. The process then copies this value into the survey field automatically.


      There are two problems with this however:

      1. When the user clicks on the link to mail back, it pre-populates the return email, but requires them to click the send button. We want that to happen automatically.

      2. The images aren't auto loading (not as critical), so need a way to get them embedded/sent as an attachment? Can SD do that?


      I have also tried using the PostMessage.aspx URL, which I could get working, but would only work when connected to the company network, not via a mobile device on 3G etc. I have also tried incorporating LPM to process something in some way, but this hits the same issues where we either send via email to get over the issue of being able to access whilst off the company network and it doesn't auto send the email. I have even considered a PHP mailer type setup, but would need to be externally facing, which seems a lot of work, if it isn't guaranteed to work.


      I am sure that someone must have setup a similar idea, or have another avenue of thought for me to explore. As it stands I am out of ideas.


      Any help or tips would be appreciated.





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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

          Hi Noel,


          1. This is outside of Service Desk and down to your own mail software.

          2. Yes, Service Desk can send images in emails if they are included in the HTML that is being sent in the body. So for example, if what's sending the email is a Reminder and the Reminder's description field is set to be HTML then you can add the image into that HTML code in the process.


          I hope that helps.