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    Edit dashboard without loading



      Anyone know of a way to edit a dashbaord without trying to load it.


      We have some users that make dashbaords but use filter wrong or creates to much load on the system. Looking for a way we can open and edit the filter of this report without it trying to load the data.




      Andrew Lee

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee



          1. Go to the Dashboard Designer

          2. Click on the Options icon to display the Designer Options dialog


          3. Choose the option "Don't refresh data" and click OK


          4. Use either the File | Open menu in the Designer or use the Home screen and the Edit icon to load the specific dashboard into the designer.  The dashboard should load without running the queries / displaying the graphs.


          5. Make your changes and save the dashboard.  If you want to test your changes, simply click on the Refresh icon in the top right corner (see arrow in above screenshot).

          6. Putting the option back to Refresh Data will revert to normal behavior.


          NOTE: This setting change is not a permanent one.  The next time you load the Xtraction web interface, it always defaults to Refresh Data.

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            Cool thank you will give it a try


            Update - Worked Thanks