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    Reboot with up to 4 hr deferral - Options Button missing in LD reboot window on client


      I have read here and elsewhere about scheduling a Landesk reboot based on anything you could query by pushing out a harmless batch file and then set deployment to reboot always.


      In 9.6, I have sort of made it a "double notification whammy".  I am pushing out a batch file of the shutdown.exe command which I also deploy with Reboot Always set.


      It has worked well in limited use:  I have a shutdown,exe with an option to defer up to 4 hours and wording to complement the Landesk Shutdown window, Users also see both and can defer their reboot for up to 4 hrs and schedule it anytime in that time frame.  Makes sense, right?  maybe overkill in not just using a simple batch file, but I started with shutdown.exe back in Novell days just used it.


      But from time to time, when this is deployed - it ends up on PC with the Landesk reboot window WITHOUT the DEFERRAL button and additional options.  User has to leave the window open and either reboot now or just watch the status bar count down to when it is set to reboot if no input.  The net effect is it takes a very nice :We are thinking of you" reboot and turns it into a "IN YOUR FACE"  REBOOT NOW annoyance.  Not good/


      On one machine, I uninstalled the agent and reinstalled.  We only have one agent so I know it's not different settings.  But next time, reboot worked fine with all the right bells and whistles. On a second machine, I just let the machine reboot. After reboot the Landesk reboot window it came up again a second time - - - - but this time it was with the right options available.


      Initially I thought I would need to reinstall agent, after second machine, I am wondering what was going on. if it needed to reboot first . . . it still should have given the right options, right?  . So what am I missing.  I'd say so far I seen the in your face reboot 2 times out of 10 or so tests I have done in front of a computer. but we have used this and plan on using it more and I would rather not have the PR problem of strong arm reboots on 10% of 1200 computers.


      Same Agent, Same deployment settings on machines that strong armed as ones that didn't.



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          I think I don't understand something.  it's like sometimes a computer needs to be rebooted before its can be rebooted.  Does that invalidate what I am trying to do?   I don't want two reboots, let alone one that's in your face and the second normal.  I understand the machine might be in a state where it requires a reboot when this hits them. If so, does that mean I cant really use this?  Or do I just not have the combination down.


          We were looking into using something like this to schedule a reboot of all machines up x number of days.  I know that it will be based on a inventory scan that only runs once a day and not real time. But I was still thinking of using this because our GPO guy is too busy with other items.

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            Figured it out. We actually had a rogue agent out there on some machines. Not really rogue. How about deployed, updated but update missed.  So it WAS doing the initial reboot with the in your face no deferral reboot because that is agent default.


            So. my thoughts were right. it needed to run a reboot before it could run shutdown.exe (Yeah, right)  It got the In your face reboot from the errant default on rogue agent which essentially said "Hey I need to step in and run this default reboot before I can process your package." Then, after reboot, the nice deferral reboot because that's whet was set on the shutdown,exe delivery.


            I realized also that that's why it is best to run only a essentially empty batch file with reboot always in deployment.  So I wont get the dual reboot. So, scratch shutdown.exe    And to top off, run just as a PUSH and not a policy supported push because sometimes the task appears to fail and just to be sure it never runs again where not needed, make it push only (This may have just been a feel good and not necessary)


            So, thanks me for the help. Anytime.