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    Copy rule creation help


      Good morning, we have an action in request to "Create Change from Request". This action opens a window that asks for some basic change information such as summary/details, etc. etc. and then creates a change utilizing the data entered. We want to automatically copy the Summary {Title} and Details {Description} from the Request onto the "Change from Request" window. How do I get this to work?

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          CHINKS Apprentice

          Hello gtingen...

          Copy Rules could be a Red Herring...

          Currently - The action you press 'Create Change from Request', appears on your Request process as a Manual Action (in blue). A possible solution would be...


          Create a Windowless action 'Create Change'.

          Use 'Create Change from Request' as an Automatic Action (in green) thereafter.

          in the Automatic action window use value types to populate from values recorded from the Requests collection - Request object.


          Process illustration (Status) > [Create Change (blue action)] > [Create Change from Request (green action)] > (Status)


          The Result would be...

          An Analyst when pressing the action 'Create Change' would see an entry appear in the Request ticket history 'Create Change from Request'.

          Press this History entry to reveal the Change (including all the value types copied as specified earlier) - further amendments can then be made to this ticket - permissions allowing.

          I hope this avenue helps with your solution...