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    Managing drivers in WinPE corrupts Boot.wim file

    FrugalRain Apprentice

      I have a call open with support for this but wondered if anyone had seen this issue..


      After patching to LD96-CP_BASE-2015-0916 we have an issue with updating drivers into winpe image

      Using "Manage Drivers in WinPE Image" under Operating system provisioning/Preboot the boot.wim file becomes corrupt and loses several folders..


      Before updating it has these files/folders.. mounted old boot wim file.JPG




      After it has... mounted new boot wim file.JPG



      Anyone seen this before ??

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          I have seen this happen in the past.  It's usually related to the DISM commands used to mount and then unmount /commit the changes to the boot.wim.  When the boot.wim is selected in the wizard it's mounted and it loads the files etc. contained within to a temp folder.  The drivers are then added and it's unmounted and changes are committed. 


          I have seen cases where AV products begin scanning the files in the temp directory, or basically any process puts a lock on any of the necessary files, which causes the unmount operation to fail (or at least not unmount cleanly) and the boot.wim becomes corrupted. 


          It's generally an easy fix and is documented here:
          How to create a Clean WINPE (BOOT.WIM) on the Core Server