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    Export configuration from Android Telnet Emulation client


      Hi All

      I have previously only used Windows CE but we are looking at rolling out Android devices. We are using the Telnet Emulation App and was wondering the best way to copy the configuration so i can deploy it to other devices. Eg Font sizes, Host settings etc.

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          You can configure your TE Client settings through the Wavelink Configurator and download the configurations as a file for mass distribution. Using this tool, you can create the configuration in the Configurator Console, export it, and then use your mobile device management service to send the configuration file directly to the device.


          You can configure multiple host profile payloads for each device, but only one client settings payload.


          To configure the TE Client when the device does not have an Avalanche license and is managed by another service:

          1  Go to https://configurator.wavelink.com.

          2  Register or log in to the Wavelink Configurator Console.

          3  Navigate to the folder where you want the payload created.

          4  From the Profiles tab, click Add Payload in the Available Payloads panel.

          5  The Payload dialog box appears. Select the iOS and Android option, and then the type of TE configuration payload you want to create. For a list of fields you can configure from the Wavelink Configurator, see Configuring Host Profiles and Configuring Emulation Parameters.

          6  Configure the options as desired and click Save.

          7  From the Profiles tab, click Add Profile in the Available Profiles panel.

          8  The Smart Device Profile dialog box appears. Click Application Configuration.

          9  Create a name for the profile, then select the TE payload or payloads you want to associate with the profile. Save your changes.

          10  Select the profile you created and click Apply in the Available Profiles panel.

          11  Click the profile name.

          12  On the Application Configuration Profile page, click Export Config.

          Your browser downloads the Configuration.json file.

          13  Place the Configuration.json file on your web server.

          14  Create a file and name it ConfigurationURL.xml.

          15  Enter the following, substituting the URL value with the location of your Configuration.json file on the web host:




          16  Save the file and then place it on the Android device within the \sdcard\Wavelink directory.


          When TE is launched, it references the .xml file and downloads the configuration file to apply any new changes.


          I hope you find this helpful.


          Best Regards,

          Wavelink Support