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    Set Expired Status - Knowledge Article

    jisidro Apprentice

      Hi All,


      Just want to ask if someone already tried creating a pre-condition calculation where it will check if Article Expiry Date is today then it will auto change the status to Expired. I'm thinking of adding this in my existing Knowledge process so I can easily track all expired article that requires updating or retiring it. thanks to all.

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          Fabian Schmidt Expert



          do you use the build in knowledge base process?

          If so, this functionality is already build in.


          If the expiry date is reached, which is set on the artivle itself, the article is automatically moved back to the "Created" Status as soon the knowldge rebuild is running.

          You can also find this as a note in the KnowledgeManagement Documentation.


          You can then easily query all expired articles by status equals "Created" and expiry date is in the past.